We work to improve West Virginia by reducing unemployment.

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The Pace Project, Inc.

The Program Advancing Community Employment

The PACE Project Inc. is focused on helping local communities reduce and eliminate poverty.

Located in Fairmont, West Virginia, PACE aims to bridge the gap between public and private jobs by providing value-added, community based jobs programs to economically-depressed areas.

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Community Initiatives

We spend every day working to provide a better future for area residents. View our initiatives based out of Marion County, West Virginia.

Volunteer Opportunities

By volunteering to assist with our initiative, your work has a multiplier effect of positively impacting the communities we aim to serve.

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We accept donations from individuals and businesses who are looking to bring a positive impact to the area.

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We joined with neighbors, teachers and young people, preachers and others who shared ideas at meetings. We are working toward progress in the town of Monongah. Pace encourages motivation.

- Bertha Wilson

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